AG Infra Projects uses prefabricated panels manufactured by Thermocrete Panels and is  formed in 2016 as a Development & Construction company. At its inception, AGIP created an affordable economic building model for low-income housing utilizing Thermocrete Panels as its core building material and other state-of-the-art Green technologies.

Currently, AGIP builds all types of residential and commercial construction in Tamilnadu. AGIP brings together designers, architects,engineers, trainers and builders to join their Thermocrete Panel’s team of experts on a project basis to achieve the most energy efficient net-zero structures available today.



Thermocrete panel’s products and services to the world based on the needs of people rather than business, the results anticipated are; increased productive human resources, reduced energy waste and environmental harm to the planet, Green technical innovation, economic growth, increased employment, creation of natural wealth and investor profits.



Thermocrete panel has a clear mission to offer people the opportunity to build a safe house, in a short time, guaranteeing the highest level of comfortable living and considerable energy saving with wide range of finishes .the excellent and reliability of our product along with versatility and simplicity of their use allow us to meet the living requirements.