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Introducing the Fast and Economical way to Construct Reinforced Concrete Buildings:

The Thermocrete Panels is a reinforced concrete sandwich panel used for numerous building applications. The Thermocrete panel consists of a super-insulated core of rigid Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Sandwiched between two engineered sheets of steel welded wire fabric mesh. A galvanized steel truss wire is pierced completely through the Polystyrene core at offset angles for superior strength and welded to each of the outer layer sheets steel welded wire fabric mesh. To complete the concrete structure, a special mix of shotcrete is applied to each side of the panel after installation in walls & roof of the building and trowel finished to produce a highly insulated energy efficient RCC building with a useful life of more than 50 years.

The Thermocrete panels can be used for various building applications such as single storey, double storey & multi storey buildings. Thermocrete panels are also used in place of brick / c.c block masonry walls & metal framed walls. They are also used for floor systems, roofing structure, columns, beams, as well as in stairs and boundary walls.